• 1978 Chevy C10- Brian S.

I ordered my truck from the factory through a local dealer in 1977 and when it arrived it was a 1978 with the upgrade to the silver door panels. It had a 350 cu inch engine and 350 automatic. It is a Silverado but I didn’t want the power window options or power door locks. I was 18 at the time and thought it would be just more things to give me problems. I did order the heavy duty suspension though.
I was dating my soon be wife and we have honeymooned, holidayed and raised our 3 daughters and lived our lives all while keeping this truck. We have worn it out over the years and had it rebuilt once and wore it out again.
In 2008 we decided to try to rebuild it ourselves and worked on it for 5 years finally completing it 2013.
It was an insurmountable task at times and LMC was able to supply the parts needed to complete the task.
I’m proud of the way it turned out and my wife and I enjoy cruising in it again around town.