• 1976 Dodge D100- Robert G.

The first time I took my wife of 36 years now on a date back in High School, as we were headed back to her house she said, “ stop, see that truck, someday I’m going to own it.” It was a 76 short wide D100 lowered and painted with a ton of laquer paint. Well 7 years later I bought it for her. But with two daughters by then, and no power steering or brakes, shortly the fun ran out of it, and we let it go. I have told her for years, someday I’ll find another one and I’ll do it up right for you. And although it’s not quite finished, a year ago I found this truck sitting in this park, and through a lot of help and parts from LMC it’s much closer to being done. This time with power steering, brakes, windows, remote locks, HID, air ride, 4 link, a/c and the ever popular extra large radio knobs. Lisa and I have been together since we were 15/16 and that was 38 years ago 😎