• 1971 Chevy C10 Cheyenne- Edgar N.

Hi, my name is Edgar Narro from Santa Teresa, NM. My story begins like any other, a love for an eggcrate front end C10. One day a man came into my work and I noticed his 1971 C10 Cheyenne. I asked if we would consider selling it. Of course he says “no.” Fast forward 3 months later he comes in again and says “guess what! I sold that truck you asked about!” My heart sank as that truck I had grown to love with every visit was no longer there. I asked for the number of the individual he had sold it to and he reluctantly gave it to me. I called the gentleman and told him he had my truck! After some begging, and negotiating, I was on my way home with my C10! On September of 2017 and at the age of 34 I was finally the owner of my dream truck and with the help of your catalog the journey began. What makes me proud is that everything was done inside my garage. Along the way, the curiosity of my 3 boys developed and blossomed into something amazing! They started to help me with what they could in every little way possible. From replacing the carpet and dash in the interior to helping me put on the emblems and working in the LS1 engine swap! All your parts were spot on and made the build very easy and more importantly, fun! Even the wife helped at times. I have always dreamed of having my children work on something with their father. All bumpers, grill, emblems, light assemblies, interior carpet, steering wheel, dash and cluster and etc were purchased through LMC and made it all come together. Many lessons were learned and the seed was planted for my young boys. Although we need a new paint job, the truck is now getting thumbs up while on the road. So much it has become my daily driver to and from work 50 miles a day. We still continue to get parts here and there because as we all know, the love for a C10 never ends. We will continue to use LMC as their products, customer service and selection can’t be surpassed! From the Narro family and “Red Rocket” Thank you!