• Taylor B.'s 1969 GMC 2500

We purchased this truck from a guy who was taking it to the scrap yard, wasn’t very pretty but my dad had a vision for it. He has restored a few trucks and wanted to do one for me for my graduation. He worked everyday on it for months, ordering parts and stealing parts off my moms 68 Chevy. Every step of the way my dad made sure to let me know what was going on, what parts were coming, and what the next step was. He even let me work on it sanding the inside getting it ready for a new paint job. This entire job was done 100% by my father in our garage at our house from the swapping of the engine down to the paint job. Once she was finished we put her in my first car show and even won the trophy for peoples choice. What started as a 600 dollar rust bucket turned into a trophy winning, heading turning, beauty.