• 1969 Chevy C10- John S.

This is a 1969 short bed with a 71/72 grill [ thats my favorite grill ] it has a 454 rear / mid mounted using an ace champion v-drive which is one of the strongest v-drives made which makes it great for this build. I left the radiator in the stock location using dual electric fans- the 12 bolt rear end faces backwards using a 13 inch driveline. The v-drive is mounted at the very rear of the bed between the frame rails. This has a turbo 350 tranny coupled directly to the v-drive. This is a very streetable set up and runs with no vibration. It also has a trunk built in the front. I couldn’t find anybody who has done this so it made for a challenging yet interesting build- figuring out things like throttle linkage -shift linkage- how to keep it cool. Everything worked out in the end and works great- hope you like this unique build.