• 1952 Chevy- Dave L.

Played with motorcycles, cars, and trucks back in the 70’s . Wife said you’ve got all these toys, do you think I could have a horse? 6 months later I buy myself a horse to ride with my wife. Sold my motorcycle to pay for it. Still got horses but the doctor says if I keep riding, I will have to have back surgery, NOPE. So I started back at trucks. Got my drivers licence on my dad’s 49 3/4 ton long bed when I was 16, so I bought one in 2016. Got it home and started to take it down. It snowed in Oct and didn’t let up until spring. At 70 years old I don’t like working in -degree temperatures so built a shop to work in, took 15 months to complete. Being a farmer with livestock one still has to work in the summer, cutting hay, fixing fences and so on. Finally got it in the shop on Nov. 23 Started working on it, hope to get the cab off this weekend.