• Justin E.'s 1986 Chevy K1500

The story of this truck is quite long but I will Just touch on parts of the important stuff.

Me and another buddy had been doing small projects like fixing and flipping for years but this is the first time we decided to take on a full restoration. I have had this truck twice, the first time life happen and I had to sell it but luckily for me I was given to opportunity a couple years later to buy it back. So we kicked around the idea for a couple of days and decided we wanted to try our hand at bringing a classic back to life before it became another old truck sent to the junk yard.

So we took on this job being a little naive, telling our wives that we could do this in just a couple of months, boy was they surprised, but to be honest we was too. We had hoped to finish by the end of summer, but summer turned fall then to winter then to spring then back to summer. We both took turns encouraging each other to push on and finish. But I will say in those months we learned a lot about these old square body chevys.

This truck took us a little over a year to finish. Almost all of the parts we used came from LMC minus the seat cover, wheels and tires and some of the body panels. We worked almost every evening after our regular job to about 9-10pm and long Saturdays. But we pushed through and done what so many have not been able to do. One thing we our extremely proud of is that this truck was built in a 25×20 single car door, concrete garage . From tear down, the fab work, body work and even the paint job was done in this same building, heck the same spot, by just us two guys. Which we hope gives people the courage to build there own projects at home and so they can see they do not need a “big shop” to turn their dream into a reality.

There is so much more to the story of this truck, but I hope this give you a little insight to this build. We have 310 pictures of this build from beginning to end if you would like to feature this truck on LMC truck life.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this and look at the pictures of this truck, we are extremely proud of what we have accomplished, we even started a page on Facebook that we are posting build pictures to. #IRONSIDE86 and of course that is the name we have chosen for this build…IRONSIDE