• Roberto G.'s 1985 Chevy K10

This truck was sitting in the drive-way of my dad’s friend from the desert ridden El Paso. About one month before i was to start my junior year in high school, my dad told me that his friend finally wanted to sell his truck to him. Instead My dad told me to work for the money to buy it. Since i already had my job as a busser, i decided to save all of my money for four months. I was able to save $1500 within those four months to buy it myself. My dad and my uncle decided to to go to El Paso from Arlington, Texas to pick it up for me. My dad and I have been working on it ever since bit by bit. He decided to take the truck to a paint shop to finally get it painted. After 3 months of being in the guys shop all it had been done to it was being striped off of all the glass and moldings. Then all they had done was put primer on top of the old paint with out sanding it down. My dad decided to just take the truck away from them. It has now been sitting in front of my Drive-way, being worked on little by little. I am still determined to get on the road to its original glory with the help of LMC.