• Eric K.'s 1979 Ford F-250

This truck started life as a two wheel drive half ton with a 300 inline 6. I always wanted a 3/4 ton 4 wheel drive one so I opted to by an old 79 F250 farm truck off of an estate auction and create a winter project that my seven year old son could help out with while creating a shared interest in old trucks. The farm truck had been used by the local fire department in its early years before becoming a ranch pickup. It was pretty rough but I only needed the frame and running gear so it worked great for this purpose. With help from my son and Father in law we stripped everything down and sent the frame off to get sand blasted and powder coated. After rebuilding all the drive train components as well as a 460 motor I got out of a 82 motor home we reassembled everything and switched the body off of the 1/2 ton onto the 3/4 ton frame. Since the 1/2 ton pickup had already been restored by the previous owner there was no body or paint work to be done saving a ton of money. We recently finished the truck last week and my son and I have already had an excellent time and received a ton of compliments and thumbs up driving it around town and down to our cabin at the lake!