• Naz P.'s 1975 Chevy Blazer

This project was a one year build. It took me four years to find the vehicle. My father owned this truck in 1975 and so it was a project of sentiment. I wanted to do something different. It had to be special. I put a 24 valve Cummins Diesel and modified the body to a dually. The truck drives on a 1-ton frame. I kept the same colour scheme a the truck my dad had. The closest I could get from that year is the blue form a 2017 Jeep YJ, colour code Chief Blue with 2017 Viper White inserts. The seats are from an Envoy truck and the centre console from a 2010 Yukon. The donor truck used was a 2000 Dodge Ram 3500 24 valve Cummins diesel with an NV 5600 6 speed transmission. I wanted this truck to be a none of a kind. A one-off truck.