• Chloe A.'s 1973 Ford F-250

Most 15 year old girl’s dream car would be a flashy Mercedes or a sleek BMW, but mine was just parked down the street from my grandma’s house. A big blue 4×4 F250 (Highboy). There were trucks and then there were TRUCKS. I always drove out of my way just so I can see it parked in this strangers yard. This was a dream of mine to own this truck. Never did I ever think I would own it. Last year when I was 18, I made a bold move to go up to this stranger and ask him about his blue truck and let alone try to buy this beauty. I was so nervous knocking on the door. Luckily he answered and we talked trucks for awhile until I asked him if he would sell it. Then we were talking business. When I showed up, the truck wasn’t for sale, but I left with it. I asked the man if a 18 year old girl has ever shown up and talked to you about this truck? He laughed and said no, you’re the first. I cried tears of joy driving this truck home and surprising my dad. This is also his dream truck. Right now a year later, this truck has been to the body man getting rid of a few blemishes, been to several local car shows, and has been my pleasure to own, drive, and make new memories in. I’m so blessed to share my truck story. This is a LMC truck. From the headliner to the bumpers, bed side, and much more. Thank for keeping us on the road!