• Dennis F.'s 1972 Chevy C10

I bought this pickup for my dad in June 1992 for $2,000. He had been keeping and driving my ’63 Impala for several years while I was stationed overseas. When I told him that I was coming back to get the car for restoration, he said he had found a good pickup to replace the transportation that I was taking away from him. No problem–I paid for the truck as a way of thanking him for taking care of the car. Unfortunately Dad only had the truck for three years before he passed away in June 1995. When I “inherited” the truck in ’95, it was in fair shape, but needed some TLC. A Texas truck all of her life, there was no rust, but after 135,000 miles, the original Bronze paint was faded, the interior was well worn, she had four unmatched tires, and the transmission was leaking everywhere. Over the following three years, I had the TH350 rebuilt, replaced the engine with a new 350 at 210,000 miles and continued to drive her every day hauling dirt, mulch, firewood, and anything else that could be thrown in her cargo bed and going to and from work. She has truly been my daily driver. In 2012, I convinced the wife that I should get her repainted to avoid embarrassment in and around town. The paint shop took almost a year, but the end result was more than worth it. Not only do I still drive her every day to work and on chores, she has been the lead vehicle in several parades in North Myrtle Beach with a disc jockey playing Carolina Beach music from the cargo box. And I could not be more proud of how she looks in her new finery which includes many exterior and interior trim parts from LMC.