• Jose R.'s 1960 Ford F-100

I had originally bought my ‘60 as a parts truck for $200 in 1988 for my ‘59.
I eventually got rid of the ‘59 since it actually was a Frankenstein truck on a Jeep Cherokee frame. The ‘60 was all complete just needed an engine rebuild. Eventually it became my daily driver. As I joined the US Navy, I drove the truck from Albuquerque to Mare Island Naval Shipyard. After that long trip, I realized I needed electric wipers, the vacuum ones didn’t do so well. My ‘60 has been sitting in the parents shed now for a good 10 years. In the last few months, I’ve finally started working on it again. Replaced the fuel tank fuel lines, starter, ignition coil, starter solenoid, spark plugs, wires, everything under the hood, and in the process of getting new brakes. I re-did the interior, wood in the bed and paint will be last. Still currently under construction. Thanks to LMC I’m bringing back my high school sweetheart back to life.