• 2000 Ford Ranger – Tom H.

The 2000 Ford Ranger XLT was my grandsons first ride. He bought the truck used and had it for 3 years. When my grandson Tyler decided to buy a new Chevy Colorado pick up truck he put the Ranger up for sale. I always liked this Ranger and the flareside rear fenders reminded me of the 1953 F-100 Ford pick up which I grew up with as a teenager, so Grandpa bought the Ford Ranger, this also kept the truck in the family so Tyler can see it now and then. It’s a great running truck and the 3.0 puts out plenty of power. The truck has 205,000 miles on it now and the only things replaced on the truck were the tailgate handle and the transmission shift cable. Jesse my yellow lab loves this truck and the space in the back is just the right size for him, this is the perfect little truck for Jesse and me.