• Darrian S.'s 1998 Dodge Dakota

This truck has caused me lots of stress. I saved this Dakota off of a scrap trailer heading for its doom. Had a blown tranny and what I thought only had a couple little things wrong. I paid the 500$ for it and got to work right away. To start off it needed a whole new front end. Then I scooped out a transmission from a 5.9. The first year was very rough. The first mechanic scammed me so did the 2nd and 3rd that’s when I finally went back to my friends shop. The second mechanic did my trans swap where he only zip tied my shifter cable on cause he was to lazy to replace the broken one. This issue left me in the middle of no where unexpectedly as I had no idea at that moment. There is sooo much more to the story but I am proud to say it’s a good running truck I’ve put lots of love into. It’s still not done!