• Eddie A.'s 1993 Chevy C1500

This is my dads 1993 Chevy step side truck. I lost my dad last year to cancer. We were car guys we would always wake up in the morning and wipe our trucks off every morning. My dad loved his truck and took very good care of it he had a few cars but he loved his truck. One thing that stands out about one of our last talks i had with my dad was he knew he was leaving us soon and told me promise me one thing you can sell my other cars but please don’t ever sell my truck. I treasure his truck so much. I just replaced to dash with one of your dash pads and plan to get more done to get it looking as nice as my dad wanted it to. But with limited budget doing what I can when I can. I get a lot of compliments when I’m out driving it get a lot of thumbs up and nice truck, When i have it parked somewhere i come out and there are people there taking pics of the truck, I miss my dad a lot and know he is looking down on me smiling for how I’m taking care of his truck Love you Dad miss you.