• Cody P.'s 1989 Chevy Suburban

This 1989 Chevy Suburban was my dad’s everyday driver. He had it when he married my mother in 1998. I grew up in the back of this suburban. I was a tall kid, so he left the second row seats down and let me ride like a king all the way in the back all sprawled out on the third row. We traveled all over the Midwest going to countless car shows and garage tours. Everyone knew it was him when they saw it coming down the street.
My dad, Ken Service, was a hot rodder through and through. He was passionate about beautiful and fast cars. He was an artist. He loved loud and vibrant colors, but his medium was metal. If it drank gasoline and had four wheels Ken could make it look cooler and go faster. He was relied upon by his friends, customers, racers and collectors to find the impossible to find parts for their vehicles. To this day I still have people stop and tell me how Ken personally helped them with their rides.
We lost Ken on Thanksgiving Day 2017 to prostate cancer. I have the suburban now to remember him by.
Since I’ve inherited it I’ve made a few updates and modifications. A new air ride suspension, Foose Nova 20” wheels, Michelin Super Sport tires, new and tightly tucked bumpers, a new dash as well as other interior updates. I know Ken approves and loves everything I have done.
That is our short story. If you are wondering about the 1967 Camaro, that was his project car. Needless to say, it is now my project car. So thank you LMC for providing the parts, knowledge and resources for people like me to restore our priceless memories.