• Dustin W.'s 1987 Chevy Suburban

Purchased this rig from the original owner in Idaho. She was quite rusty and sat for a number of years. Anything with a seal or O-ring pretty much had to be replaced. The stock engine is bored .060 over with a CompCam installed. The truck also sports a rebuilt transmission and transfer case. It was only with the help of my dad, who did the body welding for the rust spots and sealing the emblem holes, along with LMC Truck’s AMAZING line of restoration parts that this beauty has come back to life. I replaced the headliner, some door panel parts, door seals, mirrors, wheel well trim, wheels (refurbished to factory specs), bumpers, Special Edition Grille, side markers, taillights, interior lights, and seats. This baby looks great and my family and I enjoy riding around in it together. This truck restoration project was totally worth it, as it allowed me some great quality time working with my dad. The real kicker is LMC’s line of quality, custom fitting parts which made the hard work a bit easier!