• Tim. S's 1983 Ford F-100

My brother bought this truck from the original owner in the late 90’s and didn’t do much to it but drive it until he sold it to my son in 2006. It is an XLT Lariat with AC, PW, PL, PS, PB and cruise. Original AM/FM Cassette. All in working condition. We did a slow roll resto on it for several years. New interior, paint and engine were the major stuff. Added an Edelbrock intake, Holley 4 bbl, mild cam and Hooker headers along with a new stainless exhaust when replacing the engine. Its been a labor of love keeping it up with all the little stuff that fail from age. Window regs and switches, turn signal switches, cluster and so on. Just ordered a new cargo light and waiting for that. Just another piece. I think the most useful thing we did was add a remote to the power locks.

The pic with the topper and steps was when we first got the truck.