• 1978 Ford F150 – Craig L.

Firstly, thumbs up to all of you out there! I didn’t realize there were so many beautiful trucks out there. Keep up the great work and keep pumping those ponies out. My advice is be easy on yourself when it comes to time & budget. You’ll likely exceed both!! Make it right & make it YOURS.
I grew up on Fords. My dad beat both his ’76 & ’78 like an ISIS P.O.W.! We spent countless hours cutting & hauling wood in them. He would fix them himself, and run them until either the body was rust roached or the engine was done. I always dreamed of owning my own someday as I always loved the late 70’s body style.
I would like to introduce you to Betty (bam-a-lam). I stumbled across her being sold unfortunately by someone falling on hard times. It had the cleanest frame I have ever seen on a Ford & was able to pick her up for next to nothing. In the two years plus since I bought her I have: put a 12″ suspension lift on her, completely removed body and sealed frame, got a beautiful deep triple black paint job, & recently just added Stainless roll bars & KC highlighters for dressing. The paint looks like a mirror. The lines from back to front are so straight (real hard to do with black). My favorite trick was the stance. I wanted that aggressive late 60’s-early 70’s muscle car rake.
All of this would not have been possible without LMC! The days of junkyard picking are gone. They helped with new dash pad, interior carpet, door and tailgate handles, new side mirrors, new drip rails, new threshold plates, all new weatherstripping and door and window seals, chrome vent visors, new 20″ Ford mud flaps, new interior sun visors, & lots more! Special additions include: “oh s**t” LED cab grab handles, blue digital LED gauge package fitting original bezel, Bully adjustable step bars, hot wife (Michelle) hood ornament (also matched on flaps), custom handmade REAL wood glove box trim, & hand painted FORD lettering on tailgate to name a few. Next focus is chroming entire engine so stock up shelves LMC! Biggest regret is you guys cannot hear this beast. 351M with slight cam to Hooker headers and 3″ stainless exhaust. BEAST!