• Rudy C.'s 1951 GMC 150

This truck was my dad’s. Not sure what year he bought it but I remember it from the late fifties. My dad worked for the railroad and after they replaced the ties, we would load them onto this truck above the cab. My dad would then sell them to farmers and anybody else for $1 each. We also hauled gravel, manure, 55 gallon drums we used for trash and emptied at the local dump. And anything else that needed to be hauled. We had a large empty lot next door and I would jump in and drive around when the folks were gone. I was 12-13. Lots of great memories with this truck. It was a true work truck in the evenings and weekends. I’ve done some restoration on it, but have tried to keep it mostly original with some dings and rust. Took my grandsons for a ride a few years ago and told them they were stepping back to the 50’s…….no seat belts, power steering, power brakes, power windows, blinkers, air conditioning, gps, etc. Taught them how to use arm signals. Some people ask me why I don’t change all that and “modernize” it. I tell them “because then it wouldn’t be my dad’s truck”! Most folks like it the way it is. Neighborhood loved the way we decorated it for Christmas!