• Dodge Fleet – Steve W.

all my trucks have been with me for 5 to 11 years. I have went through all 3 from top to bottom with the help of LMC. the 1990 Blue short bed was bought 11 years ago out of Tennessee for $1000.00 went through the 318 put 9to1 pistons nice cam for driving ported polished heads.

the 1981 white and blue was bought from the original owner 5 years ago with 59000 original miles. It had been beat up inside and out redone the interior and painted the out side. the 1992 Ramcharger was bought 8 years ago it was a Georgia bell truck for line repair in the hills. All that was done to it was paint wheel light bar. A big thanks to LMC you have made it easyier to keep these great trucks on the road.