• 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 – Tim K.

Trucks are about lifestyle, and they fit mine. Some of my earliest and best memories are with my grandpa in his ’53 Ford pickup. Whether we were taking the milk cans to town, slopping the hogs or driving to nearby Jack’s Fork River to play, it was fun.

Over the years, I’ve had several SUVs and rugged trucks that were good for off-roading, towing boats and campers, or hauling furniture or family.

Today’s street version, dubbed “Sissy Truck” by my brother Jim, has looks, luxury, performance, and convenience with the best of cars. I just have 4-wheel-drive, off-road clearance with the push of a button and a bigger trunk. Getting 22 mpg highway, I’ve explored over 45,000 miles in the last year. Lifestyle is about packing grandkids, buddies, and fishing/camping/hunting gear in and out of “sissy truck”.

About the only thing that doesn’t leave is my dad’s old “Grace College Lancers” ball cap, always resting in its place of honor on the dash. Dad was my brother’s and my biggest fan. That “Lancer cap” is about memories. “Sissy Truck” is about making new memories.  

I have appreciated getting to know some of the good folks at LMC truck.  They are as passionate about trucks and truck life as I am. Thank you for helping to keep so many of our memories alive.