• Dave Z.'s 1989 Chevy Silverado

This truck belonged to my brother who owned a campground. I knew he had this truck and the motor was blown up so I inquired about the gas tank. I came home one night from work and the whole truck with the title in the seat was in my driveway! He had used this truck for 20 years, with a tank on the back for cleaning out the tanks of the permanent sites in the campgrounds. Other then pulling this truck out to clean tanks it sat in a big red barn for the 20 years.

As I started looking things over and deciding where to start, I noticed there was an oil change sticker in the window and there had been approximately 1250 miles put on the truck in that 20 year span. My son had given me a 1990 Silverado 4 wheel drive but the frame was beyond repair so I decided to just put a nice two wheel drive together. Using only the tailgate from the 1990 which by the way was the only body part on the four wheel drive that was salvageable.

i started by a body off restoration. The body and frame were in excellent condition, although I sandblasted the frame and under-body and had to put two new cab corners on it. That was the extent of body work outside a fresh paint job with factory OEM color.

The interior, as you will see in the pictures is in fantastic condition and original. The wheels were sandblasted and repainted and I added new center cap and beauty rings to freshen up the stock wheels. Finally, I rebuilt the transmission and engine , bumping the engine up with flat tops and a mild RV cam… this thing would pull a semi!

It was a three year project as I could only work on it in my off hours. I get an awful lot of compliments, especially from older dudes.