• Leo S.'s 2001 Dodge Ram

I have purchased my first truck 3 months ago. Its a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 single cab short bed 5.2liter. It’s 1 of the best trucks ive ever drove. My dad owned many f-150’s and i loved the sound of the v8..ive been groomed my whole life to love and work on v8 motors. After owning v8 mustangs and camaros i have to say thr 318 dodge is the best sounding v8 ever. My truck which i call Blue Boy has 158,000 miles on him. Ive started restoring him and looking to put a stroker kit in my bad boy. I bought him from a man who sold us a 2012 mustang. He had called me about a 2001 truck thats been in his family since new. I love my truck and his attitude matchs mine. I will write more later after ive done more to him.