• 1985 Chevy C20 Silverado Suburban – Scott H.

Da Burb – 1985 Chevy C20 Suburban

Scott Hurst’s 1985 Chevy C20 Suburban

This 1985 Chevy C20 Suburban is known as “Da Burb” or sometimes as “Da Bourbon” as Scott likes to refer to her. This truck has been in Kingsport, Tennessee since she was new.

When Scott was a kid he would see this 1985 Chevy C20 Suburban at a neighbor’s house that was immaculate. The neighbor would use “Da Burb” to tow his 35-foot travel trailer. The trailer had a custom built cover for it outside, but the Suburban was always kept in the garage. Both were always clean and rick looking to Scott as a kid. He could tell they were well taken care of.

A friend of Scott’s parents both both the Suburban and the trailer years later and used them locally with their family. The trailer was used quite a bit, but the Suburban was only used to pull the trailer. They would drive the Suburban every so often to not let it sit. As this couple got older they decided to hand down the trailer and to sell the Suburban.

The truck had been sitting in the back yard under some trees and was dirty inside and out, but she ran and everything was operational. Scott had had older cars and trucks back in the days and had been looking for another one. After driving the Suburban, Scott fell in love. He immediately bought her and spent a couple months cleaning her up from the carpet to the wheels and everything in between. Scott changed the fluids and greased everything up, tweaked a few things and now she’s cherry.

Scott could have sold her a couple times and already and tripled his money, but he’s keeping this truck. Everything is original and in great shape. The odometer shows 76, 000 miles. Chevrolet replaced the engine when the truck was 10,000 short of the warranty being up, so the engine only has 66,000 miles on it.

This 1985 Chevy C20 Suburban has a 350 V8, a four-speed automatic, power windows, a towing package with brake box, a built-in CB radio that works, the original radio & speakers and front & rear A/C that still works.

The only thing that Scott is thinking about doing is repainting the hood, but he kinda likes the patina look, so he hasn’t done it yet. “Da Bourbon” is like having an old-school truck in new condition.

“I wouldn’t take a million for this beaut!”