• 1984 Dodge W150 – Charles G.

Bought it used in 1990. I needed another pickup after selling my ’79 Ford F-250 (mistake). Since then I have installed a 4″ Skyjacker lift system, shocks, and dropped steering arm, Borgeson steering shaft, 4:10 gears with a Detroit in the rear, Warn hubs, Edelbrock Performer intake & 600 cfm 4-bbl, 360 heads, all U-joints replaced with new Spicer joints, Accel coil and wires, and Optima “red top” battery. It is a 4-speed, NP 435 with a corp. 9-1/4″ rear and Dana 44 front. CompCams 262 scheduled to go in and heads milled .025″ to bring compression back up. “Old Reliable” is just what the name says as it has never broken down on the road.

Just replaced all the door and side window seals from LMC. Fit and function great as the old seals fell apart after 30+ years. It is a work in progress but best of all, NO COMPUTER! ’84 was a transition year for Dodge.

After mechanicals are done, probably paint but back to the original black. It is rust-free despite my son’s idea that he was to pull everybody in town out of the mud. It is used as a truck hauling dirt, stone, sod, blocks, and has no regard for vehicle make to drag out of being stuck. Currently riding on 33×12.50×15
Goodyear MTRs but going back to Cooper A/Ts. They balance way better. The bed has been Hercu-lined and have a rubber mat and tailgate protector installed. Exhaust is 2-1/2″ with cheap turbos that are finally rusting out after 15 years. All smog junk is gone and planning an electric fuel pump with 3/8″ gas line.
Mopars famous for 5/16″ fuel lines. Presently has 122k miles, don’t drive it too far, no O/D.

Get alot of offers to sell but have not found anyone who will pay my price (ridiculous) to let it go. I have an original 1984 service manual as I do all my own work. Funny thing is I was looking for another Ford before I bought this. Just could not find a late 70s Ford like I had. I was a big Mopar fan back in the 60s and 70s but went away after their QC issues in the 70s. This one restored my faith but my other two vehicles are Fords.