Marvin and Jackie S. are the proud owners of a 1968 Ford F-350 known as The Blue Mule. The truck was first purchased from a farmer in Hackberry, Arizona, in 1989. Being a farm truck, it was used to haul hay, wood, rocks, etc. It had a broken windshield, body dents, rusted & split rims, and the wood on the truck bed was all busted and rotted out. Trash, mud & hay was all throughout the cab and it had about 6 lbs of hay underneath the worn out bench seat. All in all it was in very VERY bad shape.

The first restoration consisted of a new windshield , new rubber seals throughout the entire cab, body work, paint, chrome wheels tires, new bed wood and undercoating the body and frame.

The next stage of the restoration was performed by Jim Depasse’s Speed Shop in Hemet, California. This stage consisted of a 390 cu engine, blueprinted and balanced & pushed to approximately 400 cu, Malory Ignition, Hooker Headers & drivetrain. Also in this stage of restoration the truck was reupholstered, bodywork was done, new fabrication for bed and paint.

The third restoration was performed by Chris of Sharper Images Custom Body and Paint in Kingman, Arizona. Complete body work and paint, pinstriping by Scott at Custom Lines and Design in Lake Havasu, AZ. The last restoration is where The Blue Mule is today.

Thank you LMC truck for being there for all the body parts & accessories that we’ve needed to complete the build. It would have been very difficult without your help!