• T.R. M.'s 1968 Chevy C20

Years ago I had a dedicated truck run through some rural area’s of Maine. I used to pass this one business at least once a week and the dually was sitting out front with a “For Sale” sign in the window. I kept telling myself I should check it out. I finally did and decided it would make a good project that would be a half-step out of the main stream. It was bone stock with the warped deck boards, vinyl covered bench seat, single barrel carb, and factory dual rear axle.
Once I got it home some “experts” told me that Chevrolet never built a C20 with coil springs and dually rear end, that someone had already modified the truck. Through some research and having the original bill of sale included in my purchase , it was proven that this truck was one of eleven or less that left the factory in this configuration. As it turned out the original purchaser owned an apple orchard and wasn’t as concerned with the weight carrying capabilities as he was the tire foot print in the orchard.
The original internally stock engine is still in the truck but now has a 4bbl, headers, and some dress-up polished aluminum. The original rock-crushing 4 speed transmission has been replaced with a WC T5 which eases the engine RPM and makes the highway a much friendlier place.
The interior was redone in leather and while the cab was stripped the new paint was applied. I rebuilt the sills and deck, and created new fences from old growth oak modifying the proportions slightly, but keeping the factory deck surround. The rear of the truck is bagged.
The original two-piece steel 16.5″ wheels were replaced with polished Alcoa 16″ rims as a nod to safety.
I have two pieces of plywood with carpet backing that stay on the deck except for the occasional show or cruise night because although we do pick the days, the truck is used as intended and has hauled everything from compost, to hay, to stone, and mulch.
LMC catalogs were used for parts as well as some of the “exploded views” used as guides to re-assemble some components.