• Brenda M.'s 1967 Chevy C10

After reaquainting myself with your parts catalog and seeing the features of customer’s trucks, I felt my recent redo was worthy of sharing. My husband was restoring this truck when we married. He enjoyed playing with it, so to speak, and I enjoyed doing the car show events with it, but I finally convinced him his playing was hard on the paint and the engine if you know what I mean. So we stuck to more of the showing. We had a standing policy each birthday or anniversary we would give each other at least one thing that was chrome. Between 2004 and 2006 we had filled the garage with trophies, by 2009 we were doing other hobbies and it became more of a Sunday driver. My husband was killed in an accident in 2013, we had recently moved into a home we had built. After all those home projects were finished, I started taking it to shows again. June of 2017 I was en route to a show and the car in front of me decided to turn suddenly in front of me with no warning brakes or blinkers. I skidded several feet before the rear end came around sending me into a ditch, over a road and down another ditch coming to a sudden stop at an embankment.

Well, needless to say the insurance company wanted to total my truck. How do you part with something that has been so much of your life? I came to an agreement with the insurance and started gathering as many original body parts as possible and began to seriously consider doing a complete new front suspension with disc brakes. Your catalog now became my reading of choice. With the help of friends and the best auto body guy around we started rebuilding. There were days I wondered if I should have just closed my eyes and let it go- those 1 step forward, 2 steps back kind of days.

As you know, one change always leads to another, the new suspension lead to a new steering column, different headers, an electric fan, proportioning valve, etc.
I am still doing some tweaking, but it is finally back in the best condition it has ever been. I’m sure my husband would be proud of it today.