• Dan C.'s 1965 Ford F-100

As a kid, I was raised working on cars and truck. Spent many days under a hood, under a car, working or handing tools to my Dad. Working on cars with my friends became a passion for most of us. I joined the Navy in 1985, traveled, moved, got married, raised a family in my 24 year career, always saying that some day I’ll have another car or truck that I can work on, make it mine and drive it to shows, or just a cruise with my wife sitting next to me. Once I retired from the military, I started looking for something, I wanted an older Ford truck , preferred a ’65, my birth year. I looked and looked, everything I found was either way over priced or rust had taken over, we live near the Gulf Coast. One day I came a across and add in the city that I work now and he had a 1965 Ford F100, running, driving, inspected for sale. I grabbed some cash and went to check her out. I loved her the second I saw her sitting there, almost no rust, V8, straight and the price was crazy good. I bought her, brought her home and the affair started. I spent almost every day off wrenching, sanding and learning her every nut and bolt. She came from Arizona, spent all but 3 years in that hot baking sun. He body was in need of some new paint, which she got. I did about 95 percent of the work myself, had a couple of shops do the work I couldn’t do at home or didn’t have the skills to do. Now she is shinny and clean, comfortable to ride in with a nice cold AC. She gets a lot of attention when I take her out, but mostly she gets me with a big ol’ Texas grin driving her around. A true labor of love, a journey I have so enjoyed and know that it may slow down, but never end. Thanks to LMC truck for making it so easy to find and purchase what I needed. Louise is her name, after my Grandmother, and I love her.