• Chuck B.'s 1963 Chevy C10

I have had my truck for 30 yrs when I bought it it a piece of plywood in seat so springs was exposed you could see the ground through floor pans but it was a fast truck that would get sideways it would start in any season I was younger and it was my daily driver I would work on it a little each day and go to work at night when I fixed it with the help of my Dad whom taught me a little of everything from bodywork to mechanics and my mom and stepdad run a upholstery shop I had all angles covered I painted it bright metallic blue and I named her ole blue well time went on and I moved on to other rides ole blue parked in my shop in the corner I told her that I would give her the proper make over some day well finally 5 years ago I tore her completely apart and started from frame up put front disc brakes rack pinion steering dropped a 350 bores 30 over 375 horse heads rare find balance blue printed 180 solid lift cam new crank rolling rockers holly carb 3” exhaust with electric cut outs wow what a motor complete new front end painted it pearl red with wormy maple wood bed a kicking sound system and custom seat made from the original bench seat that sets like a dream a long way from the piece of plywood I use too sit on I still call her ole blue and I love taking her out on the road and listen to her rumbling and that’s what it is all about enjoying a great truck that I built with my own two hands no better feeling!! Thanks LMC for all the parts I got to build her back to show room ready!