• Joe D.'s 1960 Ford F-100

I bought my truck 3 years ago and it was about 80 percent completed. I was very concerned about getting parts for such an old truck. The guy who sold me the truck told me not to worry. He said, “LMC Truck has everything for this truck.” He even gave me a folder with many receipts from installed parts, like tinted glass and weather stripping, door handles, bumpers and tailgate, etc. After seeing this and checking the website out I found the confidence to buy my first classic truck.

I stopped at the Local Ford dealership one day and the service manager called the truck a “Fridge.” He said this was short for refrigerator, which refers to this era of trucks. Since then I have called her the FRIDGE. One of the biggest improvements I made was installing a new gas tank and fuel level sensor since the one behind the seat was leaking and the fuel gauge was not working. LMC Truck had all the right parts and I was even able to get the original fuel gas working!

As you can see in some of the pictures, my two-year-old grandson, Nico, loves going out in Poppie’s truck. He even lays on the floor at times with the flashlight and checks the undercarriage!