• William M.'s 1969 Chevy C20

I found this truck east of Sacramento, CA. It is a C20 factory air BBC Chevy built in Fremont, CA. I purchased it to put a camper on and tow my boat to the lake and take my two grandsons camping the way we did it in the 1960’s and 1970’s. No electronic devices, sit around the fire and also go fishing. I live in a nice area and the truck was gold and white, with rusty spots on it. My neighbors would throw eggs at it every month or so.

I found the LMC website and started buying parts for it. Then I found a restoration shop in Stockton next to my work and started the frame off restoration (it took 13 months). I had the body parts removed sandblasted, primed three times, block sanded then painted. Every nut and bolt is refurbished or new. I also did major powder coating. Example: I removed the bottom moldings, had them straightened, sandblasted, primed, powder coated and baked, as I did with many parts. I bought many parts two or three times because I didn’t like the way they looked. I bought many new parts like door handles and bumpers then stripped the chrome off and had them powder coated.

I told my motor builder at B&R I wanted to put the biggest camper on it and tow my boat up and down the foothills. He suggested I use a 427 block instead of the 396 and we put my crank and heads in a 427 block he had at the shop, Kieth black pistons, roller rockers, Edelbrock air gap intake and a Holley 780 carb. The rest of the truck is completely rebuilt to stock. Suspension coil overs, shocks, ball joints, bushings you name it. I can tell you a story about every part on the truck. Example: I found the saddle tanks in Sacramento, had them boiled out at my local radiator shop and the guy said “they had to send them out because they were plastic lined.” They drilled holes in the tanks to bead blast the inside then they plugged the holes and relined the tanks with plastic. That’s how the whole build went.

I made the exotic hardwood for the bed myself and was not willing to put any holes in it for a gas tank (that would have been lass expensive). I also had the tanks and bed mounted from under the wood bed as to not damage the hardwood masterpiece.