• Christopher S.'s 1987 Dodge W250

I was originally searching for an older Ford pickup, but I stumbled across this gem. I’m the 3rd owner, the truck was originally from Montana according to the previous owner and was used to haul 5th wheel horse trailers to and from Eastern Washington. I paid $1200 and a promise to the previous owner to drive him around once in awhile because he is a military veteran and it was his “Old Girl.”

I’ve owned this truck for 2 1/2 years now, and it’s my daily driver/work truck. Since I purchased it, I’ve had to upgrade the tires and wheels considering it was running the 16.5 wheel and for the tire combination I wanted, they don’t carry the 16.5 anymore or are hard to find. So I upgraded to Black Rock wheels on BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A KO2 tires at the max tread I could have without wearing them down on the road and still have fun if I want to. But mainly it’s used to help out everyone I can. I purchased a ladder rack for $100 and bolted it on to complete my vision of what this truck should look like.

The truck is a light blue with a dark blue pinstripe and paint fade but that’s what makes it just perfect. I don’t need a fancy paint job, I like it just the way it is. It is a 5.9L (360) with a 4-speed manual and 4wd. Body is pretty straight, a few dents and a couple scratches, but it’s not a work truck without those. It’s all part of having a truck. Just recently at the end of April 2018 I went to a local car show and was invited to bring my truck to the show. This car show happens every Wednesday, pending weather, and for 3 weeks now it’s been a part of that show. I’ve met so many people that share the same love for classic Dodge pickups that I do and appreciate the way it looks. I do have plans to keep it as original as possible but keep it fully usable for daily driving. It doesn’t matter how old your truck is, or what shape your truck is in. If you love it, show it off.