• Johan S.'s 1979 Ford Bronco

In the early 80’s I wanted to buy a new Blazer but after awhile I decided to buy a second-hand Ford Bronco because it was a bit cheaper. I bought my dream, a 1979 Bronco in good condition. I gave him a new paint job in 1992, red metallic. From then until 2010 I drove the Bronco, but then I bought a van and the Bronco was put aside. In 2016 my son asked for the Bronco to drive. We knew we needed to do a little refurbishing, but that refurbishing was ultimately a complete restoration. The frame was completely dismantled, sanded and powder coated, then fully reassembled with the necessary new parts.

We have also completely restored the body with the necessary body parts. They were also sandblasted, metalized, and sprayed in epoxy inside and outside. The job lasted two years every weekend, about 2800 hours.