• Bruce J.'s 1977 Ford F-100

I purchased this truck in August 2017 with 13,643 actual miles. It has the 351M and auto transmission with power steering and has the Explorer package. The original owner passed away in 1985 and the truck has been stored inside since. A friend of mine, a strong GM guy, and his wife bought it in 2003. He repaired the brakes but she was not comfortable with the thought of driving it, so he parked it without ever putting it on the road. It took me four years of prodding to persuade them to sell it. It has the original paint and interior. I replaced the tires, muffler, tail pipe, battery, gas tank, fuel gauge, and gas filter. I also removed the original rad and heater hoses and installed new, changed the engine and transmission oil and filters. It still has the original plugs, wires and distributor cap installed.

It will go well alongside my 1966 Fairlane 500XL which I have owned since 1973.