• Steve K.'s 1991 Chevy S-10

I purchased the truck for my youngest son when he was 16. He drove it through high school and college, but he wrecked it after college and I just put it out to pasture, so to speak. I wanted to put a bed on it and throw some paint on it and keep it for a back up, but then I started ordering parts from LMC and things just got out of hand. Now I have something to give my granddaughter when she turns 16. She does let me play with it from time to time and we take it out to a few cruise in’s and car shows.

By the way, my son wants to take “The Black Widow” out for a spin from time to time but our answer to that is, you wrecked it the last time you drove it so you get to look from a distance. I want to thank David Hamby from Dave’s truck parts in Claremont, NC, and Chuck Chapman in Hickory, NC, for all they did to make this possible.