• Kyle H.'s 1987 Ford F-150

My grandfather bought this truck in 1987 to replace his Chevrolet Celebrity. He always said, “if you take care of your truck, it will take care of you.” My grandfather was a stickler about maintenance on his vehicles and this truck was no exception. He regularly changed fluids, packed bearings, changed filters, etc., and his maintenance shows through to this day. When my grandfather passed in 2010, the truck was passed on to my cousins to drive back and forth to school. This truck served my oldest cousin until he graduated high school then was passed on to his younger sister until she graduated high school as well.

By this time it was 2017 and my aunt and uncle gave me the chance to own the truck as it had served their family’s purpose. I, of course, took this truck and began making changes. Before I owned the truck, the truck had 78,000 original miles and the only thing that was not factory was the paint job because my family had it repainted the original colors after my grandfather passed. Once I picked up the truck, I had a list of accessories installed including: a Rough Country 4″ lift, new rims and tires, and new dual exhaust. I also had all functions and leaks checked and only needed to have the valve cover gaskets and oil pan gasket replaced.

Since August of 2017, I have steadily made repairs to this truck to fix issues that were either prior or new to keep it top notch. This includes: new starter, new alternator, new water pump, new wheel bearings and brakes, new spark plugs and wires, new head lamps, side markers and bulbs, and repairing multiple broken vacuum lines. I restored the headliner, hand-stitched the visors, and most recently had window tint installed. This is a solid truck that I take a lot of pride in and hope to keep running to hand down to another generation!