• Rodney O.'s 1986 Chevy K10

This truck was bought new by my brother, Tony. He kept the truck in great condition and always kept it clean. In September of 1992 we was in a fatal car wreck. The truck then sat for several years at my parent’s house. I watched the truck year after year go downhill and waste away, sitting out in the weather. So one day I asked dad if we could do something with it. I ended up with the truck in 2003.

Over the next few years I began the process of getting it back in shape. Since the beginning of 2015 I was able to give the ’86 a complete overhaul and bring it to the condition I always dreamed it could be. I added a 2002 6.0LS engine with the FiTech harness and stand alone computer. I have a 350 transmission. I kept the A/C working as I used the LS A/C compressor and adapted the lines to work with the condenser and evaporator. We replaced the carpet and all weatherstrips and gaskets, and recovered the seat. Upgraded all the exterior lights- all the lights and interior parts I purchased from LMC.

The body was repainted about a year ago. We stripped it completely gave it a fresh coat. I stayed with the original wheels as I haven’t seen anything that really caught my eye. I mounted a set of 33x1250x15 BFG all terrain tires. The truck runs and drives better than new. I recently drove the truck back to NC for my parents and sister to see.