• Chris G.'s 1984 GMC Jimmy

I bought my 1984 GMC Jimmy from the original owner in Idaho with 76,000 miles on it. After owning four of them in my life and either building mud racers or trail trucks out of them, this one was way too nice for anything like that. It was in really great shape with zero rust and the interior was as good as 1984. The engine had slight upgrades with vortex heads, Edelbrock intake, full headers and dual exhaust. It still has the 700R transmission as well as 373 gears and power everything that all works like new.

I thought I could turn it into a show truck with a few paint touch ups but with a 13-year-old daughter who I brought up going to shows every year, she wasn’t having that. After five months at the body shop to have it stripped and painted its custom color, I replaced every rubber, seal, and piece of trim. I am now in the process of bringing the engine up to the quality of the exterior and interior so it looks like a jewelry box. I’d have to say if it wasn’t for LMC I wouldn’t have taken on more than a paint job. This is definitely one that will be around for years and only keep getting nicer with time- and of course, money. Thanks again LMC, and keep them on the road, not the crusher.