• Bridget K.'s 1967 Ford Bronco

Bridget K. wrote in about her husband’s 1967 Ford Bronco from his perspective.

I met my wife, Bridget, back in 2014. I had recently been assigned to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. As we started dating I would usually pick her up in one of my old Mustangs or my 1965 F-100. She liked the car well enough, but she loved the old F-100! She often commented how she used to drive a convertible, and had I ever considered getting a convertible for one of my old muscle cars? But I just couldn’t do that. A convertible is not a true muscle car.

Then one day while surfing the internet for old Fords for sale I saw our Bronco. I had always really liked these old EBs (early Broncos) and had wanted one. I showed Bridget this 1967 and said “Now there is a convertible I would buy.” But I said it mostly tongue-in-cheek. However, Bridget took to the Bronco immediately, commenting on the bright blue paint and how cute the vehicle was. And it was a 1967, same year as she is!

When we test drove it, the three on the tree intimidated her at first. But after 20 minutes on an old country road, I could not get her from behind the wheel. She has been there ever since.

The Bronco needed some small items and bigger (like the front seats being returned to original) and having used LMC for my F-100 I knew that this was the place to go. LMC helps us to keep our Classic Ford trucks on the road and looking the way they should.