• John R.'s 1953 Ford F-100

The truck was purchased used by my grandfather in 1954 to be used at his property south of town which became a gathering place for many memorable events by our family and friends. My grandfather named the place “Hickory Sticks” because of the many hickory trees on the property.

As a young boy I would go with my grandfather on Saturday mornings to “Hickory Sticks” to work, which consisted of clearing brush, mowing, painting or building things. We always went in the truck and as I got older he would let me drive it on the property and later, drive it home. This experience with my grandfather cultivated my love for this truck.

My Grandfather had to stop driving in 1976 due to health reasons. I asked my him what he was going to do with the truck. He said he did not know and I told him I would like to have it. He told me he would not give it to me but he might consider selling it to me. I asked how much he wanted and after some thought he said he would sell it to me for $1.00! We closed the deal and drove it home.

I drove the truck as my main means of transportation until about 1981 when I got a second car. The truck was then parked in the driveway, used infrequently and eventually  stored in the garage with intentions of “restoring” it sometime in the future. Its last registration renewal was in 1986. In 1986, I moved my family to a new home and the truck was moved into the new garage where it sat until 2016 – 30 years. In March 2016, the truck was sent off to start the restoration process. The  first step was to get the truck mechanically running. That was accomplished after 4 months of intensive work and was then sent to a body shop in June 2016 for the body and frame restoration. It remained at the body shop until September 2017 when it was returned to the restorer for completion. In February 2018, the truck was completed as an off the frame restoration. I plan to show it and give the grandkids rides around the neighborhood.

In honor of my grandfather, the wonderful memories that our family had at the family place and the faithful service the truck provided, I named the truck “Hickory Sticks.”