• Brenan R.'s 1999 Ford Ranger

I drive a 1999 Ford Ranger. I received my truck as a Christmas/graduation present from Mom and Dad three years ago. I couldn’t imagine the amount of work my father put into fixing up the truck before it appeared in our garage Christmas Day. Countless things were fixed and added to the truck before I ever saw it. New headlights and tail lights, bumpers, wheels, radio antenna and a cover for my bed, just to name a few.

My truck served more than just transportation to and from school. It created bonding experiences with those I love. Dad and I spent time fixing my truck, and as time went on a few more things had to be fixed. The first thing Dad and I fixed were the shocks on the front of the truck. We fixed the exhaust pipes, tail lights and even the front braking system.

During these times, not only did I get to learn more about the mechanics of my vehicle, but I got to spend time with my father. I learned step by step how different parts of my truck work together, and I learned that Dad is a valuable teacher.

I’ve used my truck as part of my work down at the H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation to move supplies from one dining hall to another. Now this might seem like a simple task, but each dining hall feeds around 500 people three times a day. Though I took many trips during the summer to assist other camps or pick up supplies from the commissary, my staff most enjoyed when I came back with ice cream or pizza for them from Iconium, MO.

I’ve driven all over the place with my truck, but for me simply getting to my destination isn’t the most important part. It’s the time I spend with others on the journey there, or how I can help with the availability of a truck bed. I’ve moved my friend’s grandmother from her house to an apartment. To this day, I still see her from time to time, and such a family connection is amazing. From fixing my truck up with my father to hauling things for church, scouts or moving my best friend’s grandma, my truck leads me to where I need to go: personal experiences with great people.