• Luke B.'s 1986 Chevy C10

Bought this truck a little over a year ago from a guy who had it for 25 years…didn’t have it played since 2002.

My wife and I drove hour and a half to look at it…then had to drive it home after it not being on the road for 13 years… what can I say… it’s a Chevy and made the drive home on the freeway with no problems! However, since then I have Replaced belts, hoses, radiator… oh man, the radiator- that’s another story! I bought a brand new one, put it in and 20 miles later the transmission fluid and antifreeze mixed together causing the inside core welds to split. This destroyed the transmission. So long story short the company that made the radiator paid for a new transmission with the help of Auto Zone making it right for me.

Now onto the list of parts I got from LMC and how you guys are the greatest with helping and the parts are perfect.

It was pretty funny watching the delivery truck pull up with all the parts. It was like Christmas for me. New bumpers, mirrors, all new seals because every single one was dry rotted, new front end dress up kit, tail lights headlights. The list goes on.

My wife bought me a 60 gallon compressor for my birthday and then got me a really nice Devilbiss paint gun. I will add, all by herself with no input from me, she just did her research. I love that woman.

So with the weather breaking and sun shining I painted the truck in my garage. Then took all the new parts and put it together! And I was trying to do all this before the Woodward Dream Cruise in Michigan- we made it!