• Jason R.'s 1975 Ford Bronco

I have been looking for a Bronco for approximately 5 years. I’ve wanted one since I was young, but I finally had the money to make my dream come true. Now with three boys, my wife and I thought this was the best time to do something like this.

I finally found this 1975 Bronco a few miles away from our house and decided to pull the trigger. I found the best guy in town to redo it and he helped make our dream come true. One of the biggest issues was being able to have the three boys in the back while my wife and I were up front. Steve solved this by cutting some of the wheel well out and creating about 8″ more room for the boys. This was a must! I wanted old school mixed with new school, so there are some newer bells and whistles on it, but overall it’s still a 1975 Bronco.

The looks I get and the people that come and talk to me now is crazy. This is a head-turner and a fun car to go around town in. Dreams can come true, and our family is living it in this Bronco!