• Aaron M.'s 1971 Chevy Blazer

My Blazer is a 1971 4WD. I purchased it from its original owner in 1992. I drove a 1970 GMC in high school and always wanted a convertible, so rather than cutting the roof on my pickup I started looking for a Blazer with a removable top.

Surprisingly I found a Blazer down the road from my neighborhood. It was in great condition when I bought it, and I drove it daily for a number of years after, until I decided to restore it to original- okay, mostly original.

I now am running a fuel injected 5.7 CI engine, turbo 350 automatic transmission, original 205 transfer case, 308 gears in both punkins. I chose the original medium blue, which was the factory color, and decided to put a stripe around the front like a Camaro to be different. White was the color I chose for the interior, using marine grade material with blue stitching.

I love my Blazer and do not think I would part with it anytime soon. Thank you, LMC, for providing me with all my parts I needed to restore my first generation Blazer.