• Dennis B.'s 1967 Chevy C10

I have had the truck for about a year. I bought it from a classic dealer in Henderson, NV. I retired about a year and a half ago. My daily driver had been a late model Silverado, but after several months I realized I wasn’t using the Silverado. I also have a ’38 Chevy Street Rod. My garage is tandem bay and I got tired of moving the Silverado every time I wanted the Street Rod, so I put the Silverado in the back bay. Then I really wasn’t using the Silverado so I sold it and got the little C10. I had been wanting a ’67 thru ’72 C10 for a long time, and then I found my bright yellow little friend on the internet. I wasn’t really looking for a stepside. I just wanted a shortbed pickup.

I’m really glad I got the ’67 Stepside. It get lots of attention at car shows. In my opinion the ’67/’68 has the best looking front clip. Overall the truck doesn’t look much different than when I got it. However I have done a bunch of work to it. I have replaced the tires, new tinted windshield, added a chrome bumper (it had a rolled pan), all new brakes, repaired a bunch of leaks, major tune-up, replaced the wood in the bed, added the Chevrolet script on the tailgate (decal for ’48/’50), limo tinted the rear window glass, painted behind the grill trim black and a bunch of other little things. My upcoming plan is to add the two-tone modeling to the rear of the cab and paint the top white.