• Kerry R.'s 1966 Chevy C10

I had been looking for a 1966 Chevrolet C10 for about two years because my dad had a 1965 when I was younger and I really like the square body style. So when I found this one last May in Nashville, Tennessee, with the 3-speed on the tree and 283 V8, I ended up purchasing it. My grandson Jaden (15 years old) and I flew back to drive it home to Ogden, Utah. Well, when I picked it up it wasn’t quite as nice as I thought it would be, so during our trip we fixed several items. After picking it up, we worked our way up to Kansas City to come by LMC Truck and pick up the parts for some obvious repairs that I could do as we were traveling and then when we finally got home.

We then drove to St. Louis to start our trip home via Route 66. We just moseyed our way until we got into Oklahoma, at which time we decided to head to Houston, Texas, to participate in the Hot Rod Power Tour. So we continued with the Hot Rod Power Tour through Austin, Dallas and Oklahoma City, after which we picked back up on Route 66 through Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and then to Kingman, Arizona. W finally worked our way home after sixteen days and some 6,000 miles. It was a terrific experience to spend with my grandson.

I’ve spent the winter getting all the parts I bought installed and making the truck the way I wanted it to be, including, adding power steering and an overdrive transmission. It’s turned out to be one of the funnest trucks to drive that I’ve ever owned.  I use it for my daily driver except on the snowy winter days.