• Chuck S.'s 1965 Ford F-100

Back when I was in junior high I learned to drive in my dad’s ‘66 Ford. Later I drove it to high school and finally wore out the old six cylinder and put a 352 VB in it. As life goes, it went by the wayside.

I always wanted another one, so in 2004 I found this one in an estate auction. It was a one-owner with 37,000 miles, but it had been sitting a long time. I got it home and started getting it driveable. I drove it for a couple years the way it was.

In 2006 I started playing with the body work. Next thing I knew it was down to bare frame. Same as before, the old 6 was worn out so in went a 352 VB. In 2008 it saw the road again, thanks to my wife and a few friends. Thanks to LMC for the convenience of picking up parts to restore the truck.